MAC Chestnut Lip Liner

I ought to do a Favourites Video because there are quite a few purchases I’ve made of late which I’m loving. This post, however, is about the beauty industry’s trending topic: matte brown lips. If you hadn’t noticed, we’re back in 90’s in all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle related. Models are letting their characters shine on the runway; grunge makeup is in and high waisted everything is the norm.

Beauty-wise though, I’ve been obsessed with brick brown lipsticks, lip stains and pencils. Some might say its tricky to make brown appear flattering, I on the other hand was up for the challenge.

I went out and got Chestnut Lip Pencil by MAC Cosmetics. There’s a blog post on it here. I decided to recreate the same look I wore out a couple of weeks ago minus the smokey eye below.
Its dark, sultry and should be worn with confidence so give it a try!

  • This makeup is beautiful,I want to become beautiful point, so recently wanted to buy some cosmetics to dress themselves, do not know mac makeup good or not, many of my friends are using.