• I need to know, how to do a beautiful nude lip like you have on. My lips are very dark, so it always looks like Im wearing a dark liner, which I hate. Or the lipstick starts dissapearing fron inside my lips and it looks like Ive been eating coacoa- which I hate even more. Should I just give up on nude lips?

  • Hi Lungi,

    Nope – don't give on nude lips at all. It mostly depends on the type of lipstick you are using (i.e. quality, longevity, finish). Which brands are you using currently? If you haven't tried MAC, give it a bash. They have a great selection of nude lipsticks. Applying liner all over your lips before reaching for your lipstick is another trick I use to increase longevity. Also, try a liquid lipstick if you want something long-lasting, opaque and highly pigmented. Stila (Woolworths) has a great some great options and NYX (Clicks) has awesome budget-friendly ones. Nude lips are trial and error so don't give up.