If you’re still suffering the remnants of a dry and humid summer you’re not alone. While this ungodly heat wave makes its way across the country and back again, it goes without saying that our tresses are in dyer need of a reprieve.

Not in the mood to have my natural hair wrapped up in a protective style-sweaty scalp and all-I needed a miracle hair care regimen to quench my dull, dry and brassy locks. The launch of the new Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range came at a crucial time.
But don’t let the term “oil” deter you. Enriched with expertly blended botanical oils like African Macadamia Oil, this range is expertly crafted to provide dry and dull hair with nourishment and silkiness without weighing it down.
So what would your regimen entail?
You will begin by cleansing with the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo (R69.99), which will develop into a rich and creamy lather while also conditioning hair without leaving it heavy or greasy.
After rinsing you will then go on to condition with the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner (R69.99), your saving grace when it comes to replenishing lost moisture and detangling thanks to the infusion of African Macadamia Oil, which penetrates the hair cuticle deeply.
By rubbing 3-4 drops of the non-greasy formula into the palms of your hands, you will finally treat your hair with the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Oil (R179.99) as an extra conditioning and nourishing step before styling.
Also included in the range is the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask (R99.99), which you can use for about 3 – 5 minutes once or twice weekly to leave hair looking and feeling deeply nourished and sublimely silky. 
Intrigued? I sure hope so! I want to give TWO readers an opportunity to replenish dry and dull hair with the entire Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range valued at R500 each!
All you have to do is follow me on my social media platforms (Twitter, FacebookInstagram) and comment below this post stating why you wish to receive a Dove Pure Care Dry Oil hamper. When commenting, add your Twitter handle so that I can easily contact you via DM. I will announce TWO winners on my social media pages on the 22nd of February so it’s crucial that you follow me there.
Don’t forget to “Like” and “Follow” Dove South Africa on Facebook and Twitter too.
Here’s to smoothly nourished hair the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil way! Good luck!

This competition is open to SA residents only.


  • My name is Zipho and I wish to receive the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil because 1. I spend a lot of money at the salon to get the best treatment for my hair and with the way the economy is set up at the moment, i'm forced to DIY my hair at home. 2. Winter is coming up which means my hair will be very dry and weighed-down. So the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil hamper will literally save my hair during winter and save my coins at the same time. My Twitter handle is @Zipzee_N

  • Hey girl, I'd love to receive the hamper because I'm currently going to through a "repair my hair phase". With so many products and "experts" out there I just don't know where to start. I want to fall in love with my natural hair again and be able to rock it confidently. I also went through a phase where I was colouring my hair a lot, as a result it's quite dry and it breaks. So yeah… At this point I could do with the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil hamper.


  • Twitter handle @LonwaboMiso

  • Hi Cynthia I'm Sibulela – 'smoothly nourished hair' speaks.to.me! I've been natural about a year following heat and colour damage and now, summer time is trying my tresses. I would looove to make the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range my hair care staple. Dove is already part of my skin care and I would appreciate the gift of great hair care. My handle is @sibuboo xxx

  • Hey Cynthia the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil sounds like such an amazing product, I am so excited you are doing this giveaway because I always walk stand on their shelf space in clicks wanting to buy this range but I was always sceptic of whether or not their products would work for my Natural 4C hair, I am excited to know they do.

    I would love an ooportunity to win the give away because hair is so Kinky its requires that extra TLC and what better way to so than with Dove Pure Care Dry Oil. Their products from your description promise to help my hair retain moisture and look healthy. I am excited.
    my twitter handle is @Miriamchipo7

  • Thembakazi Sonwabe

    Hi Cynthia

    I would love to win this hamper! I'm always looking out for new products to try & share. I have natural hair which can get dry and just like you I'm taking a break from protective styles because I'm trying to replenish moisture in my hair & what better way to do that with Dove's Pure Care range. People always ask me what do I use on my hair & I think when they see the difference after I've used the Pure Care range, they'll want to use the range as well. My handle is @kaysonwabe

  • Hey Cynthia
    I have never won anything so I feel I have a good chance this time. I can feel it! In case you don't know , I really think this product was created with me in mind! I want to try it and see how the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil nourishes my hair and stop the brittleness in its tracks! Thank you girl! my twitter handle is @igwebu

  • Hey Cynthia I recently came across your youtube channel and I must say that I absolutely love it. Its so great finding a South African blogger informing me about products that are accessible to me, so thank you very much.
    Now back to the Dove Pure Care range. I live in Johannesburg and I am sure you know the level of heat that takes over our daily lives this side. Needless to say, all this heat is not necessarily helping my hair in any way, so if I dont have my hair in protective styles I need to load up on as much products as possible, alternatively, just keep it in a bun just to protect my ends. I have heard a lot of great things of the Dove Hair care range, but have not been able to try it out just yet, so winning this range would really help a girl take care of her hair and an even greater way to start off the year.

    Crossing Fingers.


  • My name is Lea, I am an aspiring Youthber. I wish to win this hamper because I just love trying new products on my hair as I just cut of my dreads about a year ago and am still getting used the whole "natural hair" thing.

  • Hey Cynthia

    Do I stand a better chance by commenting again? The more I look at this, the more I want to try this product. A freeby would be great right now!

    Tweeter handle is @igwebu


  • Rue

    Hey girl!!!I would love to try out the Dove Pure Care Dry oil hair care range, frankly because I really want to know if it works on ethnic hair, any yes, I really do have dry limp hair, can't wait to try it����!!!My Twitter handle @YoungAfriqueen

  • Mica Townsend

    Would love to win a hamper to check out this amazing range…i didn't even realise dove had expanded into such advanced hair care products until i read this and I would love to give my hair a proper treat after the summer heatwave. I especially think the mask would give it a whole new lease of life xx

  • Dove is an amazing brand and anyone's hair would be happy to have their products on it 🙂 #happyhairdays with Dove always.

    I follow you and Dove on all social media

  • Carmen Kirby

    Hi Cynthia
    Im really excited about the Dove Care Dry Oil range. At last there is a product available to meet the need of my sun dry, tired hair. What excites me even more is the fact that i have a chance of being given the range for free. Wow! How awesome is that.
    Thanks Girlfriend

  • Dove represents a brand of confidence and beauty. Beauty that lies inside that is able to shine on the outside. I'm not brand manager as such or a poet but that's what I believe the brand represents- when I look at myself I feel as if I fill the spot of a confident and beautiful woman- I am proud that despite my imperfections I am able to represent a confident and beautiful woman inside and out.

    I can't wait to receive this package
    Thank You

  • Hey Cynthia, here's why I would like to win this hamper;

    Imagine this, you wake up in the morning and you are having one of those days when you really don't feel like you are getting into "formation" and about to slay your day. Your silk head wrap fell off in the middle of the night and you spent a couple of hours rolling around on your cotton sheets. Your hair is like the sahara desert and you really need it to be rescued because the thirst right there is so real! You drag yourself to the shower and find the Dove Care Dry Oil range beaming right before like a host of angels. Salvation from thirsty locks is here! And after pampering yourself for the morning you are ready to face the day.

    Now there's the feeling that I need in my life; my story tends to stop at the dragging myself to the shower part and I end up in a head wrap for the week.

    So, What do you say? Are you gonna help a sister out?

    Twitter, Insta and Youtube @princessofee

  • I feel a lot more comfortable and beautiful with my natural hair out for most of the year, and I think a daily hair care routine is very necessary when trying to keep my hair on fleek. I've only recently spent a lot more time, effort and money on trying different products and I still have not found anything perfect.

    I would love to receive the Dove Care Dry Oil hamper because I'd love to try a product that seems great and affordable on my student budget. Also…. I think you're great 😘😍😂