#FoundationFiles: MAC Studio Sculpt

My foundation collection keeps growing and growing so as I was sorting through it quite recently, I wondered why there was one in particular I hadn’t tried yet. Peg it down to me being insatiable and a product junkie, I went out and got MAC Studio Sculpt, a foundation many – and now me – rave about.

Traipsing into Edgars, I made a beeline for the MAC counter and started searching for what would be my ideal match. Surprisingly NC50 was way too dark. Looking at NC45 I immediately figured it was too light so I opted for NW45 – quite darker than NC45 but lighter than NC50 but still a tad too dark for me *sigh* I spent the R400 it cost determining that my lighter concealer will eventually balance it out and give me the perfect tone. It did.
So did I like it? Yeah. I mean, I love creamy foundations that offer high coverage and allow for a flawless finish and this delivered as it promised. In fact, I liked it so much that I am thinking of purchasing NC45 as well so that I can blend the two together to achieve the perfect match for my complexion. 

Formula + Texture
For the longest time I had given up on MAC foundations because of their tendency to oxidise by lunch time. While my new favourite – MAC Studio Fix Fluid – doesn’t work miracles, I’ve still found a way to make it work for me so I figured I would apply the same method with Studio Sculpt. This foundation has been created with a gel-based system so skin always feels hydrated. It’s creamy in texture and provides a medium, build-able coverage with a natural satin finish. 

I love the fact that it is packaged in a tube. It almost feels as though I am depositing primer into my hand as opposed to another makeup product. The gel-base and presence of silicone provide understanding as to why MAC Studio Sculpt is indeed packaged the way it is. It’s also the perfect low-fuss foundation to pop into your handbag without fear of the bottle cracking or dirtying up other parts of your bag. 
Once again this foundation is build-able so you can pack on more product allowing for a progression from medium coverage to full coverage. Although it is a smooth satin finish, I do find it a little too heavy for daytime so I opt to use it for a night out. Because most primers work with silicone and the pigments in the foundation are coated with silicone you’re almost getting a product that is a 2-in-1. The result is a truly, flawless finish. I created this Valentine’s make-up look using this foundation and I was super impressed with the result.

CLOSE-UP: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation; No Primer

If you’re on the hunt for your next foundation and we have similar tastes in coverage, definitely give this one a try. The shade NW45 ended up being okay – not perfect – because it did match certain parts of my face. I am quite light in complexion around my cheek area but as you move towards the sides, I appear darker and thats where this foundation matched me perfectly. But then again, I would rather have a lighter foundation and use bronzer and blush to warm it up as opposed to a too dark foundation and have to add more heavy product like concealer to lighten it up. Either way I am definitely going to pick up NC45 so that I can mix the two together for a better match.

Have you tried MAC Studio Sculpt and what was your experience? 

  • You gorgeous girl!
    Have used Studio Sculpt for many years and always repurchase… Love how creamy the gel formula is and the coverage.

  • Thank you! How didn't I discover it sooner? Love it. x

  • Hey,

    I've been hearing rave reviews about this foundation and I am so tempted to try it but I have the same issues as you when it comes to the right shade.

    I cant wait for my next beauty haul so I can try this foundation out.

    You look great, please share the secret to your lip combo because you are slaying

  • Thank you 🙂 I have lined my lips with the MAC Nightmoth lip pencil and filled in with the Stila Liquid Lipstick in Amore and in the middle Stila again but in Patina to create that subtle ombre.