She Who Dares, Dares Indeed!

She Who Dares, Dares Indeed!
I’m a romantic at heart so it’s an understatement when I say that the LUX® #SheWhoDares film tugged at my heartstrings. The storytelling is so simple yet endearing making the message very relatable, especially amongst young adults still on the hunt for that special someone.

Having previously studied film in university, I am completely aware of the way in which roles in film and television are typically cast. Male characters are offered the brave, assertive and go-getter lead but in this creation by director Jonathan Sidego, he manages to capture the essence of the campaign – She Who Dares. It’s the quiet confidence of the LUX® woman that sets the tone and flow of the commercial and for once, he – the male lead – is left speechless! Well, for the most part… I can certainly appreciate this angle!
It’s no secret that fragrance has the power to evoke a type of confidence that one may not embody on a daily basis. It’s therefore compelling how her love interest recognised her scent first! While I can appreciate the fact that I am in a committed relationship, I recall the pitter patter of butterflies that ensued when I caught the eye of my S.O. Granted a little liquid courage made the exchange of numbers a smooth one, but in this film I still loved the way in which she took matters into her own hands when he seemed too dumbstruck to make a move.

The film is trendy, sweet and a treat to watch! If you haven’t had a look at it already, check it out below…

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