Spring Clean Your Beauty Shelf

Spring Clean Your Beauty Shelf

As much as we love to splurge on our favourite skincare and make-up products, it’s also super important to declutter every once in a while. The start of spring is the perfect excuse to get your hands dirty by essentially ridding your coveted beauty shelf of all the things you no longer need. I’ve conjured up a quick guide which you can use in an effort to spring clean your beauty shelf in preparation for the new season.

1. Check Expiration Dates

This is a biggie but often one we neglect to do. Did you even know that your beauty products actually expire? Well they do. Most in 18 months but some fussy ones only allow as little as six months of usage. Here’s how to tell…


You’ll want to look out for tiny image of a half-open container with a number printed inside it somewhere below the packaging or quite close to the ingredients list. If it says six months and you think you’ve had it for longer, toss it out. If you just purchased something, keep a mental log of when you’ll need to throw it away as you don’t want to risk breakouts and bacterial infections. Mascara needs to be replaced every three months and liquid liner and concealer after six while you can hold onto your favourite lipstick and foundation for a year max. Sunscreens are pretty useless after some months (just under a year) so be sure to replace those with new ones too.

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2. Wash Your Brushes

This should already be a weekly occurrence if you wear make-up regularly. Makeup brushes are a breeding ground bacteria so be as diligent with this task as you are washing your face. As with expired products, you don’t want to risk breakouts and infections and while it may feel like a chore, it may help to set up a mini make-up washing station. You can use special make-up cleansing solutions specifically formulated to use on brushes or you could keep it simple and old-school by using some regular dish-washing liquid and some olive oil to help break down product build-up and also keep the bristles soft.

3. Swap Out Seasonal Products

As you declutter, you will want to also put away (not throw away) products that aren’t quite necessary in the new season. Winter calls for thicker creams like body butters while in spring and summer, you’ll want to use lighter products that are not as greasy but also with a higher sun protection factor. I will soon do a post on the spring and summer essentials you need so keep an eye out for it.

4. Reorganize

I also find it quite therapeutic to reorganise my beauty shelf/cupboard. I’ll even do a little shopping at Typo or @ Home to find new, pretty holders for my make-up brushes and visually pleasing decor for my shelf. I also like to use this process to further get rid of more items I don’t need or that I truly know I won’t use. If you feel too guilty throwing them out, give it to a friend. That way you’ll know your beloved products are being put to good use. Another important part of organising is to make sure that your shelf is clean. Wipe it down with some anti-bacterial spray along with any containers you didn’t throw out.

5. Have fun!

Brighten up your make-up palette and begin to experiment with coral blushes or pink hues. Play around with some highlighter and maybe take on the contouring trend. Either way, have a ball!

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