For my first post of the year, I thought it’d be fitting to put together a list of some of my most-loved beauty products of 2016. While this happens to not be a necessarily new occurrence on my blog, I’ve decided to change it up slightly and also add beauty products I didn’t love as much.

True to form, beauty bloggers and beauty editors are inundated with brand-new products to try on a weekly basis. But it is also safe to assess that not everything that lands on our desks will be a favourite. There is also the course of falling victim to blogosphere-hype where one product is raved about so much so you just have to go out and purchase. Yes, I’m such sucker but hey, better me than you, right? So let’s begin!

We’ll start of positively and discuss my top three favourite make-up items of 2016.



THIS! This is number one. Purely because it checks so many things on my must-have list of requirements for an eyeshadow palette. The first? Value for money. Palettes are by nature quite pricey. mostly because you get a substantial amount of product in one convenient location with a beautiful spectrum of colour. Of course I love this one in particular because it’s price point is competitive. R850 for twelve incredibly pigmented shades to choose from – which brings me to my second point: colour payoff. The pigments in each of these shadows is unparalleled. Little to know eyeshadow primer is needed plus it shows up on even the deepest of skin tones. While all the shades are matte, they do lean towards the dry, less buttery-soft side. Also, it’s a warm palette so it’s super complimentary on most if not all eye colours. Third? Size and packaging. Urban Decay palettes are often rectangular and too bulky to make it into your to-go make-up bag. UD Naked Ultimate Basics is on the other hand a perfect square compact enough to fit into almost any beauty bag and it happens to also come with a mini dual-sided eyeshadow brush. It is also hard to miss the unique rose gold packaging which reflects beautifully when natural light catches.

Watch me use this palette is this tutorial below…


I literally stumbled upon this little gem towards the end of 2016. I have a thing for versatile palettes and this is one ideal for use on the eyes as well as the cheeks. It comes kitted with two blush shades and five shadows for the eyes. Once again I am obsessed with its price point. While it retails for $39 in the States which is roughly R535 when converted, it sells for only R365 at Woolworths. If you’re a little apprehensive and maybe think Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics is too big a purchase, you’ll love the cute, compactness of Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue. And just as the former, there is no denying the powerful pigment of the shadows and the powders do well to mimic creamy, buttery softness.


The Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit has been around for a while, however, a deeper more menacing version was released in South Africa around 2015. I only recently got my hands on it and I’m slightly mad at the fact that it took me this long. This one is definitely, definitely a must-have and just like the other palettes mentioned in this post, it is convenient enough to carry around just about anywhere. The terracotta bronze and deep contour shades have come in handy on more than one occasion doubling up as eyeshadow. As you know I enjoy burnt oranges along my crease and now for my cheeks too. The deep contour is the perfect shade of brown to of course contour with and all the powders are incredibly pigmented. Consider this contour kit a treat as it is priced at R620, however, the pans are generous and the kit comes with its own contour brush.

Watch me use the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Cheek and Lip Palette as well as the Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit in this video below…



Hmmm… I feel like I was sold dreams and I want my money back. Harsh? Meh. For R580 (somewhere along there) I expected a foundation that would stay put for a good few hours. Instead, what I got was a lot of fluid separation along my jawline and around my nose. I apply my foundation once, and that’s at the start of the day, so having to carry this one around with me for the sake of touch ups was a put off. It also claims to be oil-free but I got shiny along my t-zone by midday. Also, the packaging is mediocre. How am I paying close to R600 for a plastic bottle? Add a shitty formula on top of that and you’ve got yourself a rip off. I had seriously high hopes for this foundation but was sad to find it just did not live up to my expectations.


So I experimented with baking for the first time around the third quarter of 2016. I did a video and everything – check it out here. Now, I successfully used the MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder a grand total of ONE time and it just never looked the same afterwards. I don’t want to bash it completely as I definitely have improved on my baking technique since then and I plan to use it with a damp BeautyBlender™ to see if my results will be any different. It does, however, have to remain on this list because of the unsightly flashback. My baking tutorial received a lot of warning comments regarding this and I found it to be true. There is a new technique I’ve seen being put to use several times which involves applying a loose powder before your fluid foundation. If you do have excessively oily skin, you can comfortably try this out knowing that any ashy, grey flashback will be nixed because of the warmth of your foundation. Also instead of baking with it, you may find that it would be better suited to merely dab away excess shine. It retails for R390 which is why I’d think you’d want more use out of it than just that.

Watch my baking tutorial below…

Is there anything you loved (or hated) during 2016? Share with me below!

  • Ayanda Moloi

    I have heard amazing things about the UD Naked Ultimate Basics buts it is waaay out of my price range.Can you recommend a decent eyeshadow palette that doesnt break the bank?

  • Jaqueline Pillay

    Thank you for sharing your Best & Worst of 2016

    The Stila palette sounds extremely tempting for the price! I am definitely checking this out the next time I’m in Woolies.


  • Does loving something in advance count? You know, before you get coz gwooooorl that morphe 350 pallet calleth my name. Im ready to get of my crutch pallets and start working with the big boy. Oh, and that stila pallet too. Need it!

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni