In the realm of beauty, particularly skincare, little attention is focused on the importance of body care. While I carefully consider what face products I use, I’ve begun in recent years, to do the same when it comes to the all-over-body products that I use. From freshly fragranced deo’s to anti-cellulite solutions, in this post I will share some of my go-to items both new and old.


New from Avène is the new Cleanance SPF30 Sunscreen. It may look a little familiar and that’s because this SPF has been on shelf before except now it has been reformulated. Ideal for oily and sensitive skin types, its mattifying, water-resistant formula will protect against both UVA and UVB rays leaving skin still feeling hydrated. If not massaged into skin thoroughly, it may leave you looking a little blue. However, its smell manages to be pleasant and after application, skin appears to be visibly matte.

R249,95 at Clicks


Vaseline wins the innovation category with their new Intensive Care™ spray moisturisers. I have found these incredibly convenient throughout summer time when trips to the beach and carrying a bulky bottle of body cream seems burdensome. Whether your aim is to deeply restore, soothe your skin or inject a little bit of radiance, you’ll love the fast and easy absorption of the spray moisturisers. Enriched with micro-droplets of Vaseline’s trademark jelly, skin will remain soft without feeling or looking greasy. I have also envisioned mum’s using this when getting kids ready for school proves to be difficult. The Vaseline Intensive Care™ Deep Restore spray moisturiser is my go-to for my dry skin. It’s incredibly lightweight but still manages to leave my skin looking soft and supple enough to continue with my day.

R89,95 at Clicks


I’m sure we’ve all desired a super smooth, cellulite-free flat stomach. For some, it’s a reality that comes naturally, but for most, simple diet and exercise won’t do. Anti-cellulite products are fast becoming popular and provide that extra little push that’s need to achieve our #bodygoals. Being new to the Elancyl family, I received Cellu-Slim Flat Stomach to try. It is an indicated treatment for reducing the abdominal area.

Elancyl Cellu Slim Flat Stomach reduces the volume and fat located in the abdominal area by action of draining plant components and firming in just 14 days.

How to use?  Apply daily on clean, dry skin, making circular massage (clockwise) until fully absorbed. You should do the treatment for at least 1 month.

R395.00, 250ml at Dis-Chem

P.S.: Elancyl Cellu Slim Night was the winner of the 2017 Elle Beauty Award in the anti-cellulite category so these guys might be on to something…


Never let bad B.O. become a thing. My go-to for anti-perspirants has for the longest time been Nivea and now a new fresh fragrance has joined the range. Available in both a deodorant and a roll-on, Nivea Fresh Musk is a modern take on the must scent whilst also delivering 48hrs of freshness. This duo is a must-have for your gym bag!

Nivea Fresh Musk Deodorant – R29,95 at Clicks

Nivea Fresh Musk Roll-On – R19, 95 at Clicks

 What are your must-haves when it comes to body care? Let me know by commenting below!

  • Jaqueline Pillay

    Thank you for yet another beautifully written and informative post!

    I’m especially excited for the Cellu-Slim Flat Stomach. It sounds very promising.

    You always provide your readers with the best content!


  • Deedeeh

    I’m always excited about your new post, always teaching us something golden about the beauty world. And you writing style, I love it

    Funny enough we hardly take care of the body skin but we want it to glow and be full of life and moisturised. I have really bad skin and it gets flaky all the time. So recently I started taking the extra time and effort to look after my skin.

    Products I use:
    Nivea cocoa butter body cream(48 hr moisture)
    Magnolia tissue oil
    Nivea energy fresh in lemongrass or dove gofresh cucumber and tea tree scent