Finding the Perfect Day Cream

Finding the Perfect Day Cream

     Ever feel overwhelmed when walking through skincare counters at your favourite beauty supply store? I certainly do and can relate to not ever really knowing which face products my skin truly needs. But, through a little trial and error, and getting to better understand the condition of my skin, such decisions definitely do become a tad less frustrating. In this post, I’m going to take you through some day creams I currently have on my top shelf. 


Let’s begin with my baby. (Yes, I love her that much. And yes, I have used a pronoun in reference to a day cream!) There are essential ingredients one has to look out for when determining which face cream to pair with.  The first, and most important is sun protection. The Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Anti-aging Moisture Lotion is formulated with an SPF of 30 which really is the minimum one needs before stepping out into the sun. It’s also a broad spectrum SPF meaning it protects against both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. The presence of PA++ means that there is a higher level of anti-aging protection which is what makes this a bomb anti-aging product. Apart from the SPF,  another key ingredient your daily moisturiser should have are antioxidants which protect against free radicals. The Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Anti-aging Moisture Lotion contains Idebenone which is the most powerful antioxidant on the market*. Of course it also combats dryness and works to lock in moisture, leaving skin more brighter and radiant looking.

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Say hello to the newest baby on the block. Estēe Lauder have extended their DayWear range to include an oil-controlling antioxidant moisture gel creme. Oily/combination skins will love this as it works to smooth and transform skin into a silky matte finish. I relish the feel of this on my t-zone but steer clear of using it around the larger surface areas of my face (cheeks) as the skin there is more on the dehydrated side. It’s also not just pretty to look at (I’m a sucker for frosted glass packaging) but it smells incredible too. Like our bestie above, it contains antioxidants and also defends against the first signs of aging. However, as inviting as it is for oily skin, it should not replace your daily SPF lotion as this does not contain any protection from the sun. I would recommend applying your favourite serum first, followed by the Estēe Lauder DayWear Oil-Control Antioxidant Moisture Gel Creme, followed by an SPF lotion or foundation with a built-in sun protection factor.

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Also base your decision when choosing a day cream, on whether it will help tackle at least one skin concern. If your issue is dryness, you’d opt for something similar to Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Anti-aging Moisture Lotion. If your concern is oiliness, Estēe Lauder DayWear Matte will come into play. But if your concern, like mine, is uneven skin tone / pigmentation, you’ll want to opt for a day lotion that seeks to reduce the appearance of dark marks and spots. The Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer with SPF 20 is one such product. It contains specialized ingredients to help exfoliate away the darkened layer of your skin. The built-in SPF20 works to protect against new damage and the formula as a whole instantly brightens, leaving skin moisturized. It’s consistency is quite thick so very dry to dry combination skins will get a lot of use out of this product. It’s also oil-free and works even better with a dark spot corrector.


Already a believer in the power of Elemis products, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on at least one product from the BIOTEC Energizing Skincare System. Why you need to know it? As we age and as our lifestyles change, our cells lose energy leaving our skin looking dull and tired. The BIOTEC Skin Energizing Day Cream works in two phases to help give skin the powerful wakeup call that it needs.

The two tubes keep ingredients separate from each other so that when you finally combine them through the pump mechanism, you get a more concentrated formula that is beneficial for your skin. The green chamber acts your serum filled with a powerful boost of cooper and zinc to provide energy to cells, while the moisturizing chamber works to hydrate and nourish skin. You’ll love this even more if you’re constantly on the move and need a multi-tasking products that doesn’t skimp out on powerful ingredients and boosting actives.

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    I also have an uneven and oily skin, I tried the clinique Even Better serum as well as the moisturiser. They didn’t do much for my skin, no real difference. but I’m excited to try out the Estee Lauder moisturiser or the Elemis. Love Love the post very informative