Evening time is a relaxing time for me and, it happens to be my favourite part of the day. Whether I’m rushing between meetings, events, filming or editing a video, there’s nothing quite like getting “unready” at the end of a long day. That being said, the less time I spend at the sink, the better. Cleansing oils are my go-to when it comes to ridding my face of all traces of makeup, however, over recent weeks I’ve given the much-loved Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm a whirl…

Firstly, it’s a thick, emollient balm that melts from its original waxy consistency into an oil that glides beautifully along the skin. Needless to say it dissolves makeup in seconds much like any other hardworking oil cleanser you may have used. I am particularly fond of the fact that it isn’t fragranced. This being a vital component for most as you’d want to successfully rid the eye area of any clumped up mascara and waterproof liner without fear of imminent irritation.

Despite its thick consistency while in the tub, it doesn’t leave skin feeling or looking greasy at all. After adding a splash of water to further emulsify the product, the balm turns into a milky wash, making it easy to rinse off, leaving the face completely free of any residue. Also, you don’t need much so be happy knowing that 125ml of this stuff’ll get you far.

Packaging-wise, I have no complaints apart from the fact that I wish it came with a mini-spatula to assist with spreading the product – I have talons for nails, you see. Things will become trickier the deeper into the dish I go. Moreover, I am also happy it won’t fall victim to being knocked over amidst all the other tall cleansers I have sitting on my bathroom vanity. It’s cute, compact and an ideal travel companion should Clinique ever decide to release a miniature version.

Is it worth your money? Yes, all R295 of it. It’s non-drying and the formula is gentle enough on most if not all skin types. Definitely worth a try!

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  • Thobile Masondo

    Great article, this is one of the products I’m planning on buying soon. Thanks for the extra motivation.