It’s been a week since I began my skincare journey with Eucerin. Their EVEN BRIGHTER Serum Concentrate range has been at the core of my continued fight against hyper-pigmentation and I must say, the results thus far have been encouraging. When I initially posted about tackling hyper-pigmentation in a recent YouTube video, a lot of you spoke quite positively about the experiences you’ve personally had with the Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER range. I do believe that with me sharing my #EucerinSerumPower experience, you’ll have the same to say about the new Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER Serum Concentrate.

P.S. Stick around until the end of this post as there’ll be a chance for one of my readers to receive the FULL Eucerin Even Brighter range to put to the test.

Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER works to effectively reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and this occurs when there is an overproduction of melanin in the skin. Age spots, melasma or chloasma, and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH) are some of the most common types. Over the course of four weeks, I will be putting the Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER Serum Concentrate to the test, alongside the EVEN BRIGHTER day cream, night cream and dark spot corrector.

Real talk: I have been working at ridding my skin of PIH for close to a year so my skin looks nowhere near what it used to look like twelve months ago. That being said, I am not immune to breakouts and age spots so dark spot correction treatments never stop. I also have a slight smattering of freckles towards the centre of my face as well as some chicken pox scarring below and around my eyes. I have resigned to the fact that these will never disappear and have found them to be in fact quite endearing.

My results thus far have of course been minimal since I have only been using the range for about a week. You will notice a few breakouts, a result of a purifying mask I applied two days ago so all the gunk below my skin has started to surface. However, I will be keeping a close eye on how they heal because as I mentioned in my video, PIH is the most common cause of my uneven skin.

As you can tell, my forehead is littered with pigment spots so this is the area I will be focused on the most. So far, I can tell that the spots aren’t as prominent as they were before the trial but like I said, a close eye will kept on my newest breakouts so that I can monitor how they heal.


As promised, I am giving one lucky reader a chance to try the Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER range for themselves. To enter, all you have to do is comment below telling me why YOU need to try the Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER Serum Concentrate.

Terms & Conditions:

A winner will be announced in my final post.

You must live in South Africa to be eligible to win.

Only one comment is necessary to make your entry count.

Are you excited to come on this journey with me? Let me know below…


  • Lucille Daniëlle Plaatjies

    I suffered from bad acne and as a result
    lt left me with dark spots, this is why I need this product 🙂


    Good day Cynthia 🤗

    I have been battling with both pigmentation spots as well as hyper-pigmentation since a very early age. I have tried anything and everything you name it from all natural to dermatologist suggestions and no luck 😔. The winning of the Eucerin products will honestly make me feel way less insecure about my skin and would make me feel more radiant. I truly trust your opinion, and would definitely love to experience the change you are ☺️🌸. So hyped to watch your journey too ❤️

  • Phumzile Vella

    I’m getting married at the end of the year and I’m on the lookout for products that specifically target hyperpigmentation which I would LOVE to have GONE by the wedding day and also for the honeymoon. #EUCERINSERUMPOWER

  • Thando Twala

    I’ve been struggling with acne for a few years now and it’s left with thee worst scars. Because of the environment I work in i can’t wear make up to cover the spots (I work on a mine) and it’s really taken a toll on my self esteem. I always wear my hair down and water large hats when I can to hide my face.
    I’ve tried all sort of products to try even them out but nothing works. I’ve even gone as far as using 100% lemon juice on my skin (I later found out this was horrible for facial skin).
    I desperately need to try out the Eucerin brighter product. Help.

  • kimberly muvoti

    Hi Cynthia!

    I’ve had terrible acne since I was 14 and now my breakouts are few and far inbetween but I still have the acne scars as a reminder. The worst about my acne scars is that they are all on the right side of my face and forehead which is a TOTAL nightmare!

    Right now I’m really sensitive about the way my skin looks to the point that I do not go anywhere without make up on. Really good skin care is usually very pricey and I have tried pretty much everything out there and it’s been as good as flushing money away. Surprisingly, I’ve never really taken a chance on products like Eucerin, thus winning this giveaway would give me a chance to try out something made especially for dark spots and will hopefully give me better results than other products have.

    I’m really excited about this giveaway and to see your journey Cynthia! I’m sure the results will be worthwhile!

    • Cynthy Gwebu

      Congratulations Kimberly!

      You have won the giveaway!

      Please e-mail me your details (delivery address and contact telephone number).

  • thuto rabalao

    Hi Cynthy,
    To be very honest with you, I don’t have problems with my skin, I have been blessed with good genes (i’d like to think *giggles*) so i’m actually entering this giveaway for my mom who has been battling hyperpigmentation, age spots and moles for many years, and as a result our bathroom cabinet is filled with a different products (that haven’t made a difference) and a dent on her pocket. i would love for her to experience the #EucerineSerumPower in hopes of her getting her confidence back and that finally leading to her youth fountain.

  • Kgaugelo

    Hi Cynthia

    I do not have major issues with my skin. I only get ance when it’s that time of the month. I have tiny moles all over my face, my skin is textured and hyperpigmentation on the forehead and really large pores on my nose.
    I haven’t cared about a skin care routine, until I started watching your YouTube channel, that’s when I got to find out the type of skin I have. I started taking better care of my skin.
    I’m still settling into my skin routine but I’m not satisfied, I’m still on the look out for products that can work for my complicated skin.
    When I get spots and they leave marks, I usually use tissue oil but that takes a while to work. I need to try the Eucerine serum. I’m excited to see the results that Eucerine can produce.
    And thank you for taking us on this journey with you, I can’t wait to see it does.

  • RueMandyK

    Please keep us updated on your progress.I actually never had skin problems until I turned 25 and now I just feel really ugly and don’t really know how to handle my skin, I have seasonal breakouts,
    hyperpigmentation, possible sun damage, oiliness. At this point I’m
    hoping I can find something to restore my skin on a low budget which is why I would
    love to win this giveaway and try out the Eucerin range.

  • Bianca Balutto

    I have uneven skin tone and starting to get sun spots I feel like this range would really help even out my skin tone.

  • Vee

    Ive stuggled alot with acne plus sun spots from my teenage years to date.Atleast I’ve won the acne battle but now Im left with the scars.They’ve dropped my level of confidence, most of the products Ive tried havent worked and I can’t afford a fancy facial treatment.I would really like to try this.

  • So helpful!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    P.S, your pictures are flawless! Do you use the same Canon 750D that you use on your channel?

    – Elle