It’s the final week of my Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER skincare trial. It’s been an interesting few weeks, getting to know the range and monitoring my skin’s progress on a day-to-day basis. In my last blog post related to this journey, I spoke about their proven efficacy to fight against hyper-pigmentation such as dark spots and age spots. As part of the trial, I have been using the EVEN BRIGHTER Day Cream, EVEN BRIGHTER Night Cream, EVEN BRIGHTER Dark Spot Corrector and of course the EVEN BRIGHTER Serum Concentrate. So, what’s the verdict?

Of all the areas on my face, my forehead is the most littered with pigment spots due to breakouts. Honestly, I don’t know why this happens. Research says pimples linked to the forehead are commonly a result of digestive issues and being unable to breakdown certain foods. In case you’re wondering, I’m not wolfing down entire meat subs but if you do experience breakouts in similar areas, eating bitter herbs or digestive enzymes like bromelain and papaya before each meal may help break down foods. As for the pimples that have come, gone and finally settled into menacing dark blobs, I have noticed a significant improvement.

The breakouts I had at the beginning of this trial completely healed and there is no further sign of them at all. I do believe the older dark spots that have been there for a while will disappear after 12 weeks of regular use of the full Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER range. As mentioned in my introduction video, a longer trial period will guarantee better results. But after just 4 weeks of use I am impressed with the decrease in pigmentation on my face as I have noticed the dark marks turn lighter and lighter as each week passed.

I also believe that using the Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER Day Cream and the Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER Night Cream made my skin look more radiant. I am most fond of the sun protection abilities of the day cream. It has SPF 30 and sun protection is crucial if hyper-pigmentation is a concern.

My hyperpigmentation is not bad to the point where I am afraid to step out of the house without makeup on. Most of the marks on my skin are due to chickenpox scarring and freckles. It’s the appearance of new inflammatory pigment spots that I pay close attention to.


The WINNER of the Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER hamper is Kimberly Muvoti.

Well done girl!