I’ll be the first to admit that I am an e-commerce marketers dream. Every time I enter a mall, it’s almost guaranteed that I will leave with a headache. It’s why I consider online shopping to be a blessing (and a curse, but mostly a blessing) for retail lovers. I’m positive you’re familiar with Takealot.com – an online shopping site that I frequent often in my own personal capacity. There is a range of departments to shop such asΒ cameras, fashion, health and beauty, Β gaming and books. But of course, the one that does tickle my fancy is beauty. Sold by Bare Beauty South Africa and fulfilled by Takealot.com, one of the most sought after cosmetics brands in the world is now available at your finger tips, Kylie Cosmetics.

For those hesitant first time online shoppers, you’ll be happy to know that shopping on Takealot.com is neither daunting nor complex. In actual fact, navigating the site is uncomplicated and straightforward with a “Shop by Department” tab allowing you to skip to the department you wish to shop. Should you crave something a little more direct, there’s a search bar at the top of the page, allowing you to type in exactly what you wish to purchase and immediately add it to your cart. You can view how I’ve done this in the video at the end of this post.

Getting into the Kylie Cosmetics products, I’ve already expressed that I am a fan of their products. Despite the controversy the circles the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie Cosmetics – in my opinion – meets the industry standard when it comes to product quality. Of course the family name is a brand so while priced in the higher-end category, know that you are investing in a well-formulated beauts that’ll be worth your hard-earned cash. In my latest tutorial, I put an eyeshadow palette, highlighter, a couple of lip products as well as a gel liner to the test. Watch the full clip below to see the look I achieved and how the products faired as a whole.


You also stand a chance to win a Kylie Cosmetics product.

Follow these steps:


  • Khanyisile




  • Ziyanda

    Instagram @zazacindi_
    Facebook Ziyanda Cindi
    YouTube Yanda Cindi
    I would like to win a Kylie Cosmetic Product because I have been really wanting to try it out for while and not knowing where to find it. I am also a huge fan of people who beat the odds for example Kylie’s family is not known for goods things but bad and some good, however, she still stayed true to herself and was able to create what she loves and get almost everyone to use it. I am big on lippies and Kylie’s lipkit has been on my wishlist for months. She did not only cater for light skinned but dark skinned girls too and that made me want to have that because for the longest time I’ve been battling insecurities about my looks and I thought that I wasn’t pretty enough for make-up and I’ve seen girls of all skin colours look good in it and that gave me hope that I’ll also be able to look pretty rocking it and not think of the worst of myself, just simply love me. I would be so grateful and happy if I could win!

  • Sibusisiwe Mjwara


    I would love to win a Kylie product because I’m a huge fan of make up and I’ve been really eager to try her products out but affordability and access has been an issue. Also trying to build up my make up kit so the product would be gold with my little collection. πŸ˜‰

  • Erika

    Erika. Instagram and twitter. @erikabiingi I probably don’t have some overly dramatic reason why I should win this but if I don’t try I don’t deserve it right. I honestly don’t know much about makeup. I’m just getting into it as I want to be able to do my own and also eventually do prostetics for film. Coz no one will trust you if you can’t do it to yourself you know. I’ve watched tonnes of YouTube videos. I even have a couple saved. My first set of make up that I purchased probably beginning of the year was kind of what was ‘affordable’ incase my plan to hack this make up game didn’t cut it. However the more I use it I understand that quality actually matters. I’m now stuck with a eyeliner and lipstick that don’t last till lunch time. Don’t get me started with my eye shadow palette. The colours fade with the wind. If I walk far in enough I can have a fresh face no hustle. It’s not all bad news though. My technique is definitely getting better. Like my eyeliner finally looks the same…….. On both eyes πŸ˜… so I’m grateful for that. But if I could get some long lasting brands to grow from there, I’d really appreciate it. *fingers crossed*

  • Kwazi Manana

    I’ve recently just gotten into makeup because, before, I didn’t see a reason to try makeup since I wear glasses but I’ll be totally honest, you’ve truly inspired me to start exploring the makeup world. As that’s been said, my black South African mother doesn’t see the need for makeup πŸ˜‚, so I pay for all the makeup myself (which is like super pricey OMG but I’m taking it step by step).
    I love how you’ve combined the Kylie cosmetics and my main focus is on lipsticks and lip kits since my lips, in my opinion, are my best feature and I’ve been wanting to purchase a Kylie lip kit for a while now but it is a bit pricey for my budget rn so winning this giveaway would honestly, like, idek how I would react without screaming πŸ˜‚

    Damn that was longer than I thought it’d be, oops. Sorry lol. Really hope I win though.

  • Khanyisile Mapuranga

    @khanyiie13 on the gram lol
    I’ve recently started a blog which is about all things beauty and hair related (in an African context and what is available to us here so yippee that we can now get real Kylie products at the touch of a button ) as it is my passion. I’m really into makeup and love playing around with new products and having a product from Kylie cosmetics would be the ultimate dream come true as they are not widely accessible and with this student budget it caaan’tπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ. Having something from Kylie Cosmetics will also help build up my makeup collectionπŸ™ˆ.

    This really is an amazing giveaway ✨✨✨✨

  • Mseleku Zinhle

    @mseleku_zinhle (Instagram)
    I have been following your blog and watching your vlogs for a while now , the amount of knowledge I have gained is tremendous and it has even inspired me to start a blog of my own one day . Firstly I’d like to thank you for providing an opportunity like this to ordinary girls like me ,who Can only dream of owning a Kylie cosmetics product because the reality of it just seems too far-fetched due to financial constraints . I consider make-up as an essential part of my life that allows me to express my individuality and artistry . Winning this prize would be a stepping stone for me to create a variety of looks most of which I will share on my future vlogs and if all goes well I could be the one providing an opportunity like this to someone else one day . The chain of giving will live on.

  • Dumisile Sithole

    _deedeeh_ on the gram 😜
    I would love to win the hamper firstly because I’d love to get the opportunity to recreate the look you did on your channel, I love it. And I heard a lot of mixed emotions about the Kylie cosmetic line which I’d love to experience but I don’t have that kind of money. And I believe she puts her time into the products because she wants to give her best. And I’m such a fan from the first moment I came across your blog and channel you’ve been doing it for me Cynthy πŸ’žπŸ’ž

  • Kananelo Kiva Phakisi

    Hi Im @mskivababy FIRST OF ALL im at big “Cynthy Slay” fan. I’m subscribed on every social media platform. I think I should win because I would put the palette to great use plus I live in Lesotho so we seldom get to see or own genuine makeup. Over these last months i’ve followed your accounts and tried my absolute best to engage with you and to re-create your looks. I’m getting there. This win would be a great boost to both my look and confidence

  • aaw man. I think I’m tooo late to enter. Also I always feel too guilty to enter when I’m also a blogger. Same with youtube giveaways. yikes. Still enjoying cool vibe and aesthetics and blog posts i guess. Smart for takealot to carry kylie cosmetics hey. also had to do a double take on that picture with kylie in it. honestly thought it was Aisha’s bad self.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

  • Michel J.

    IG: mjamestribe19
    Youtube: mjamestribe19

    mjamestribe19 at gmail dot com

    I’d love to try her cosmetics! I think the colors are bold and fun!

  • Palesa

    Hey Cynthia,
    My name is Palesa and you inspire me so much, I highkey want to do what you do one day when I grow up. This make up look you created as well are your other ones had me going “I wanna do that too”. I’m not a make up guru but I do have a huge love and passion for make up. I’m also starting my own blog and by winning I could create more content to post on my blog.
    Oh and Happy Birthday you beauty !🎁🎊🎈🌸
    Insta : @pazozment
    Twitter: @zozy

  • Vuyo Madolo

    Me! me! Meeeeeeeeeeee!!! My handle is @vonchy_19 (twitter and insta) and it would really and truly make my year so far – which hasn’t been great so far, despite it being my 30th! So yes, please! Put me ooooooon girl!!!

  • Shandu Nthai

    I would love to win because maybe when I apply the makeup I will be one step closer to slaying like you lol
    (Yes my finnese game is lit)
    But jokes aside. I love your channel and your make up skills are a God given talent.

    Twitter: Shandu_nthai

  • MarshΓ© Lesch

    I would LOVE to win as adulting does not give one the opportunity to buy high end products like Kylie’s Jenners… please pick ME!

  • Anelisa Tabata

    @anelisatabata _ ig and twitter @YanelisaUvuyo Id like to win because I want and need a glo up. I want to try different tutorials esp yours but I dont have enough product. Can I please get an opportunity to flourish?!

  • Rae Tigere

    Hi Cynthia!
    I’ve been watching your videos for a while now – I love them.
    I’m currently studying at UCT (originally from Durban but yup, you were right about foreign men πŸ˜‚).
    I’m sure you can relate when I say being a student is tough. I’d really love to win this – I absolutely LOVE make up but I’ve never bought a Kylie Cosmetic product cause it’s just out of my budget. πŸ™ˆ
    I’m hoping to graduate this year & this prize will literally be the cherry on the cake. It will hopefully help to create my graduation look.
    Anyway, stay beautiful. 🌸

    Insta/Twitter: rae_tigere

  • Kaetwo Keitumetsi Motlhale

    In all honesty I’m a fan of Kyle cosmetics, especially the lip products and of course a fan of your incredible makeup tutorials. I want to win this hamper to share as I don’t apply make-up but OBSESSED about lipstick hence I always recommend lip combo and swatches videos. My friend _enclaire will definitely appreciate the Kylie Kyliner and palette and my mom has been looking for the perfect highlighter so that will be hers. And lastly, I can’t afford the make up brand.

    Instagram handle: miss_motlhale

  • Khanyisile Simphiwe Mfaba

    Good day Cynthia,
    I’d like to win the prize because I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a while now and would love to try a few looks out from what I’ve learnt (putting theory to action). However, being a mother and a full time student has somehow lead me to only being able to just afford basic makeup (eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and foundation). I’d love to win this prize to add on to my mini make-up collection because that eyeshadow pallet and highlighter would be great on me for that summer time glow.

    IG: Jus_khanyi
    Twitter: Jus_Khanyi

  • Sisanda Asemahle Ntsume

    Instagram: @sanda.ntsume
    Twitter: @MelaninSanda

    Winning this could honestly be an absolute blessing for me.I am currently in matric and totally clueless on make up to buy for my Matric Dance which is in a few weeks. After watching your make up video using the Kylie Cosmetics, I realised that maybe these could be perfect for the special night but they are hella pricey and my mum would NEVER agree to buying them.
    I hope I’ll win this and you’ll be taking part into making my night extra special. Thank you so much and continue creating many YouTube videos that we absolutely enjoy watching x ❀

  • Avuyile Nongogo

    Instagram: Avorygrace21
    Twitter: @avory21

    Winning this prize would literally make my year. Being a student and working at the same time is not easy at all.. You work cause you got to pay your student loans and support yourself at the same time. Make up for me makes me happy feel beautiful and just helps me zone out of the stresses. I started wearing make because of your tutorials, and I had been watching a lot of make up tutorials that I just couldn’t follow or the products were just unattainable (student budget). My love the Kylie Comestics drove me to a point of buying some counterfeit products (didn’t turn out too well 🀣). Having the authentic ones would make me so happy and actually confident in wearing it (it’s tough being s girl hey! πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ™†πŸΎ) . Anyways let me go follow TakeAlot, cause I follow you everywhere (well social media πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ). Stay awesome and I do hope you pick me 😜

  • Bae-anca

    Id love to win because since the launch of these products i haven’t bought 1 I don’t even know what it’s like to own these products so give me life please please pick
    IG bianca_soupen
    Twitter bianca_soupen

  • Kamogelo Kay-Mo Kale

    I am a self-taught make-up artist who’s still perfecting their craft and basically need more products to increase my collection that I use on my clients. I recently decided to follow what I love doing and opened a make-up and nail page both on Facebook and Instagram . This will be such a lovely addition plus I’ve beeeeen entering your competitions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­. I would really love to win Cynthia 😩. Thank you

    Instagram : @kamomhle
    Instagram ( Make-Up page ): @thee_glow

    Facebook: Kamogelo Kay-Mo Kale
    Facebook Page: Thee_Glow

  • Reabetswe Mogotsi

    Ive recently started using makeup and Ive heard a lot about the Kylie products. I would really like to try them out but as a student, my budget just won’t allow
    Please help me grow my makeup collection, I think any one of these would be a great addition to my collection

    I hope you had a wonderful 26th birthday celebration ❀️

    Twitter: @rea_mogotsiii
    Instagram: itsreaffs

  • Nthabiseng Lyntl Ntene

    Hey Cynthy

    I would love to win cause of all the beauty bloggers I’ve watched , you’re the first one who has made the process of facebeating practical and easy to follow. You’ve given me the strength to try without making me feel silly for having no idea how to facebeat.

    I now know how to confidently put on a face-beat and I think those Kylie Cosmetics babies will fit in perfectly with my new found skills.πŸ’„πŸ’„

    Insta: @lyntlzz
    Twitter: @lyntlzz

  • Unathi Yako

    Hey loving your posts, you have me being a make up girl 😘😘😘 Instagram Mamdlane

  • QueenBri

    Hey, great post. I would like to win because I have never tried Kylie Cosmetics and you give her products good reviews. I’m not a fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan either, but a good product stands on its own.