Last year, sheet masks were all the rage. In 2017, a new phenomenon has taken over the blogosphere and once again skincare is at the forefront. Peel-off masks are the new innovative way to tackle your skin woes. Whether its dehydration, fatigue, blotchiness or clogged pores you’re trying to combat, there’s a version that will work hard to get you looking A-1 again. I’ve been putting these two to the test and I must say, I already have a favourite. 

I know you’ve seen a video that did it’s rounds on Twitter not to long ago, about a young girl using a peel-off charcoal mask for the first time. The removal process looked nothing short of frightening lending to the idea that there are definitely some peel-off masks on the market we ought to be weary of. The two-some with me, however, are gentle enough to bring about brilliant results whilst leaving you and your skin feeling calm.

Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Pore Refining Peel

Easing your way into the peel-off game, Urban Decay has just come out with ‘Rehab Makeup Prep’ –  a collection of products set to whip your skin back into shape amidst all of the beats and bake-downs. If you have problem pores, this gentle pore refining peel will work to “draw out impurities, leaving pores visibly clear, more refined and smaller-looking”. 

The consistency is clear and gel-like, formulated with nine plant extracts. The idea is to apply a thin layer to cleansed skin, leave it on for about 10 minutes (or until the product has dried) and gently peel it off. Being the first peel-off mask I have tried, the experience was quite new for me. It hardened quite quickly, my chin being the first to lift around the edges. Once hardened, the mask felt quite stiff and unyielding which made me rush to peel it off sooner than the allocated 10 minutes. The peeling process was easy and comfortable which could make for a fun Snapchat moment. My t-zone, the area upon which I applied the mask, became slightly red post-removal. I’m not too sure if that’s normal when it comes to peel-off masks but it wasn’t too alarming or cause for concern. I used a damp towel to remove any excess product and proceeded to tone and apply a bit of moisturizer to finish.

For the price tag, R395, you get a quick fix for pores pre and post makeup application. It’s not pharmaceutical skincare, nor does Urban Decay wish for this new range to be considered as skincare at all, but I do believe that there are more powerful, hardworking peel-off masks on the market that you could get your hands on.

GLAMGLOW Sonic Blue GravityMud™ Firming Treatment

 The mask mavens, GLAMGLOW, had to make a feature in this post. Having recently attended their media event earlier this August, I got to discover a little bit more about the relatively new skincare brand. The mud treatment products we’ve all come to know and love have only been on the market for six years and continue to become more and more popular amongst beauty enthusiasts around the world. It also doesn’t hurt that their interesting innovations also make for great Insta-pictures. This most recent addition, however, will give you serious nostalgia. Sonic the Hedgehog adorns the limited edition packaging in honor of the video games 25th anniversary. I’ll point out too here that the mask itself smells a bit play-doughy, reminding me of time spent at pre-school. As for what’s inside, the mask aims to instantly tighten and firm skin so that once dry, the innovative blue formula peels off, instantly leaving skin feeling tighter and looking more lifted.

The firming action was almost instant which I prefer. I tend to get anxious when a mask has to stay on my face for a prolonged period of time. 10 minutes is my limit but Sonic the Hedgehog worked his magic in 5. The formula didn’t harden or become stiff quite as much as the Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Pore Refining Peel so I was a bit unsure as to when the right time would be to whip it off. Nevertheless when about seven minutes passed, I gave it a go and it peeled off effortlessly. I didn’t experience any redness around my cheeks but I do wish I carried the mask slightly further down along my jaw area.

I think this is a nice treatment to indulge in. Having large pores would allow me to better determine to what degree this mask helped to tighten and firm up my skin, but I don’t. All the same, my skin does feel more plump and soft to the touch which I can appreciate. These limited edition treatments come in a 15g tube making for a sweet travel companion. You’ll still dish out a cool R290 which I suppose works should you not be on the market for their bigger, 50g jars priced at R850 each.

Have you ever given peel-off masks a go? Let me know your thoughts below…

  • Dumisile Sithole

    Awesome, I’d love to try the GlamGlow masks – and from what I’ve seen on the gram and YouTube they seem to do wonders for your skin. Have to get the 15g soon