THE VERDICT: Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Range #NAILREHAB

THE VERDICT: Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Range #NAILREHAB

So, it’s been two weeks since my very first #NailRehab diary entry that would document my nail health journey with Sally Hansen. I won’t lie – it’s been an interesting transition being without acrylics for this long. But I am very excited to share my final thoughts on the treatment products I have been using as well as delve into a few issues I still have…

Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener

This is the core product I used to get my nails back into tip-top shape. Its claims were that it would help fight brittleness whilst also reinforcing and smoothing the nail by bonding and sealing them instantly. The first three days of having bare nails were the toughest for me. My nail beds were incredibly sensitive to the touch and I was very eager for this initial feeling to subside. I believe that the Miracle Nail Thickener did wonders when it came to bonding, sealing and strengthening. All but one (the forefinger I’ve kept complaining about) feel strong and healthy allowing me to not have to tiptoe around performing daily tasks around the house or at my desk. My nails still are, unfortunately, breaking and splitting. Perhaps I should have added a nail growth serum like the Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Serum to my arsenal – it may have helped more in this area.

Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab

Moisture Rehab was the ultimate hydrating treatment my nails needed during this process. I would apply it to bare nails and then proceed to massage it into my nail bed and cuticles. While it did work wonders, I do believe that I could have done without it as the Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener did the brunt of the job. As mentioned before, I would suggest opting for a nail growth serum instead and fully rely on a cuticle oil to perform the task of hydration rehabilitation.

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil

I love a good cuticle oil. They provide optimum moisture working to soften cuticles and also care for dry, brittle nails. I enjoyed using this as a post-manicure treatment, massaging it into my cuticles and spreading it to the rest of my nail. The different plant extracts encouraged moisture and nail flexibility and I do believe that it delivered. For me, this is a must in any at-home nail care routine.

General Care and Manicure Experience

The  Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry & Go Drops™ was so handy as it allowed me the ability to paint my nails and rush out the door in an instant. I would advise any woman that does their own nails at home that they invest in dry-and-go-drops. This one in particular multi-tasked as a treatment for my cuticles too and I think I loved that aspect the most.

I also firmly believe in making use of a base coat and so the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Base Coat was a treat. It helped with smoother nail colour application by filling in ridges. It did also claim to add density to nails which I felt it did but it didn’t help much in the way of splitting and breakage. The Sally Hansen  Complete Salon Manicure Top Coat helped to ensure that my manicure lasted a lot longer which I loved!

Overall, this is a routine I would encourage any longterm acrylic nail user to try. I have realized the importance of giving your natural nails a break after EVERY manicure and so this will be the case for me going forward. There are still a couple of treatments from Sally Hansen that I plan to try so be sure to look out for my thoughts on those in the near future. And incase you missed it, be sure to watch my at-home nail care routine using the products I tested out throughout my #NailRehab journey.

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