#AMOMENTFOR Sally Hansen

#AMOMENTFOR Sally Hansen


– noun

– a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.

When we go down the list of icons in popular culture, from fashion (Coco Chanel or Alexander McQueen) to music (Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Madonna), it’s evidenced that in their own chosen career paths, each have left a lasting and indelible mark attaining global recognition by society at large. These are the names we’ll continue to hear of for decades to come; names that generations after us will continue to learn about in academia as well as in and amongst the social environments in which we find ourselves. But, have you ever paid attention to names beyond the ones we see on the big screen or in our homes through television sets? Like, the names we seem to use every day without really noticing?

If you’ve followed my online journey for some time, you’d know that I’m quite the “girly-girl” when it comes to indulging in the bi-monthly nail pamper session. I find perusing through the different colour options in gelish paint at my go-to beauty salon rather daunting. But, what is even more overwhelming is having to go through the many shelves in-store in hopes of finding a new signature polish. While our buying decisions are rarely influenced by the history of a brand, we still do have a tendency to repurchase from the brand(s) we have come to trust and love. And, what makes me fall even more in love with a brand is learning more about its biography.

Sally Hansen – known around the globe as the world’s number one nail brand – has attained phenomenal success with its initial and still popular innovations, “Hard As Nails”. But, there is of course more to this one-of-a-kind beauty House which is very mush owed to its visionary and namesake, Sally Hansen.

Sally was a self-made woman ahead of her time. Having grown up in the 1920s, a period in history where women were expected to run households, not companies, Sally left home for California to pursue a career in dance (which she managed to do successfully), landing roles in popular productions as well as being the pacemaker of the Hollywood social scene alongside her second husband (get ’em Sal!) Adolf Hansen. A love for writing also landed her a column in the LA Times through which she gave women advice in beauty, business and life.

Fast forwarding through the1930s, we learn that Sally returned home to take over her family’s cosmetic business, reinventing it as House of Hollywood and subsequently transforming it into a successful company. However, still craving her own unique success and legacy, she filed for divorce amicably, leaving her husband, friends and glamorous life in Hollywood for a shot at The Big Apple. Finally, Sally Hansen Inc. was born.

Sally Hansen is the epitome of the self-made woman. Independent, informed and articulate, she represents a group of women the Sally Hansen brand celebrate today. Meet, #SHETOPIA.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to live in a world created by and for self-made women? Where full gender-equality is reached and both men and women, work together towards a better world where no one is short-changed, undercut of cut-off?

#SHETOPIA is such a place.

What comes into your mind when you think of your #SHETOPIA?

In my #SHETOPIA, women no longer compete with other women.

In my #SHETOPIA, women band together for a cause greater than the destruction and demise of another women for selfish gain.

In my #SHETOPIA, all women bloom with GRACE.

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